Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's Weird, But I Like It

It being this tweed dress-tunic thing that I'm wearing:

I found it at The Sticky Thrift Store (aka Better Bargains, in Northeast Portland) and was immediately enamored.  I like its stiff, sort of paper-doll shape.  And I like how basic it is; no bells and whistles, just pockets:

And I love its overly detailed tag:

I'm just not convinced that I know how to style it yet.  I definitely needed the long-sleeve tee underneath (Gap) because it's unlined and tweed is itchy as hell.  I also added some jeggings (Bandolino via Macys), tall boots (Enzo Angolini via Nordstrom) and, my favorite addition, a butterfly pin from my friend, Ana:

I think that it probably could have also used a belt, but it turns out that tweed, in addition to being itchy, is hard to belt.  Or, at least this piece is.  But, belt-needy and weird as it is, I really do like it.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!  Have a fabulous weekend!