Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year Two: A Retrospective

So, 2012 was my second year of blogging and I’ll always remember it as the year I practically almost became a real blogger.  

For one thing, I actually finally grasped the concept of, and joined, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  I think I’ve used Pinterest the most successfully, having used it for inspiration for quite a few outfits.  The other two though…  On Twitter I mostly just talk about Project Runway, The Walking Dead and my bike rides.  Oh, and the weather during my bike rides.  Real exciting stuff, that.  And my Instagram?  It’s mostly food and kittens, with a few shoes thrown in.

In addition to becoming (slightly) more social media savvy, I also played with proportion like a real blogger, went to my first official blogger meet-up and wrote about real blogger topics like how to belt your skirts, the rise of merkins and the dangers of face-eating wallets.

Yep, this year was full of almost-real-blogger-ness.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t, maybe this year was full of nonsense and LOTR references, but real blogger or not, I’m so happy you were all there with me.  So far the absolute best part of blogging has been my Reader Friends and Blogger Friends – you all are the best!