Friday, March 8, 2013

Pompoms and Lace

I have been eyeballing the FRANKIE necklaces from Etsy vendor, NestoftheBluebirds, for a couple of months now and finally pulled the trigger on this one:

And I love it.  Really, the only reason it took me so long to order is because it comes in quite a few color combinations and I didn’t know which one to choose.  I’m very happy with my choice though; the two neon poms  at the ends clenched it for me. 

I especially like the scale of it.  I like that it has pompoms, not POMPOMS.  It’s a good way for me to incorporate a little of the “global chic” trend into my wardrobe in a manner that compliments my style as opposed to overpowering it. 

Today I paired the necklace with a simple, cream lace sweatshirt (Macys) and burgundy cords (Banana Republic).  This lets the necklace be the star.  I also added blue leopard flats (Nine West “Naughty”) because 1) I love burgundy and blue and 2) it picks up the blue from the necklace tying the whole look together.   

That’s right, not all of my outfits are happy accidents; sometimes I actually think things through!

Happy Friday, Everyone!


Shop the Look:

NestoftheBluebird FRANKIE necklaces
Lace front sweatshirt
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Blue leopard flats (here, here, here)

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