Monday, March 4, 2013

Slightly Sweater Obsessed

Although I have reduced my shopping (yes, even my thrifting) quite a bit, I can’t seem to stop buying sweaters.  Like this one:

I guess you could say that I’m slightly sweater obsessed.

The good news is that I really love the sweaters I buy.  And today’s sweater is no exception:

I just think this sweater is so cool.  I love the pattern and I even like the subdued colors.  But, the best part is that the front and the back are different: 


Yes, that’s right, I look awesome both coming and going. 

Because this sweater (nic + zoe via Nordstrom Rack) is so interesting, I kept the rest of the outfit fairly simple, pairing it with black skinny jeans (a.n.a via JC Penny) and houndstooth flats (Old Navy via Goodwill).  The addition of the houndstooth being, of course, the difference between simpleand fairly simple.

So, yes, I probably do need to stop buying sweaters.  But this one was less than $20 at Nordstrom Rack and it usually retails for $130.00.  Surely no one expects me to pass up a sweater when it’s both cool and inexpensive.  Right?

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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