Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gracey and the Big Thigh Day

I am having a big thigh day today:

Don’t get me wrong, I always have big thighs.  My thighs will tell you themselves that they are the biggest, baddest thighs on the planet and that that is why they’re forming their own republic.  

But, I think they're planning something because I could barely get these jeans over them today.  Usually when they act up, I like to quash their dreams of independence with a full skirt, but I’ve been too busy lately to chase down the rebel leaders.  The result?  My thighs in open rebellion.  And by open rebellion, I mean jeans:

Well, Thighs, enjoy it while it lasts.  Because as soon as I can marshal my forces, I’m coming after you with the biggest, fullest skirt I can find.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!  (Well, everyone except my thighs, of course).


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