Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot Pink Camp & A Mocha Midi

I don't know that I would have thought to pair this hot pink camp shirt with this mocha midi skirt if they hadn't been on the same migratory path through my closet.  But, they were and I liked the way they looked grazing on the plains together so here they are:

Blouse, skirt & belt: thrifted vintage, Hive & Honey flats via Piperlime

I also added black accessories, including my vintage sweater clip pins:

One day I'll probably wear this piece to hold a sweater together.  Probably.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Cameo playsuitTopshop shades, Zara sandals

There is something to be said about island life and neon. 

This incredible playsuit has come in extremely handy during my time exploring the beautiful islands of Croatia (you can see all my travel pictures and video on instagram @friendinfashion), and I'm sure I'll get even more wear as I venture towards the equally as beautiful Greek islands next.

For now, I'm off to explore more of Dubrovnik before I sadly bid the amazing country of Croatia farewell. 

You can follow my summer adventure around the world on instagram @friendinfashiontwitter and facebook.

Literary Stylings Link Party

Sometimes all of the moons align and you're able to heal the Dark Crystal and save the poor Podlings from being sucked dry by the Skeksis.  Or, as happened in my case, the moons align and you come up with an idea for your first ever link party; to create an outfit based on a book you're currently reading or recently read.

I'm calling it Literary Stylings and it was influenced by Style Imitating Art (shout out to Jess and Salazar) and this post on Go Fug Yourself in which the Fug Girls hoped the dress is question was inspired by a book (Hunger Games, in fact).

I figured why not wear clothes that are inspired by literature?  I mean, surely that could be kind of fun, right?  Well, if you agree, here's the fine print:
  1. The Literary Stylings Link Party will go up on the first Tuesday of every month.  If you join in, don't forget to link your post back to Fashion for Giants.
  2. I was going to suggest a book for people to read but I don't want to foist my strange literary leanings onto folks, so pick any book you choose.
  3. If you're not a blogger and you still want to participate, you can post your photos on the Fashion for Giants FB page.
  4. The inspired look does not have to be a costume, but it certainly can be.  Any level of inspiration in creating your outfit is appreciated.
  5. Have fun!

I know this is super late notice (the moons align when they align; you can't do anything about that), but if you're currently reading a book that you'd like to base an outfit on, I'll have the link up on Tuesday, July 2nd. 

I just finished Auntie Mame and was, of course, inspired by Mame's utter fabulousness, so I'm very excited to put together a look based on Patrick Dennis' book:

I hope you all can join me!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Embrace the Gray

Oregon, being Oregon, only has summery weather approximately every fourth or fifth day.  Saturday was gorgeous, Sunday it rained like hell, yesterday was overcast and today is more of the same.  With some more rain thrown in because Oregon is ridiculous.  I don't have the strength to fight it, so I've decided to embrace the gray:

Literally.  I hugged each and every one of these pieces before I put them on.  The pieces being a gray sweater skirt (Macy's) with a gray sweater (JC Penney) and dark gray boots (Gap).  Yep, just gray on gray on gray.  But, I think the print on the skirt keeps it from being too dull.

Also, this sweater looks like a crop top on me.  It think it's a combination of my giant size and the fact that I shrunk it in the wash:

Thank goodness this skirt can be hiked up to make up for the possibly disastrous lack of sweater.

Happy Tuesday, All!


Monday, June 24, 2013

The Devolution of Style

So, June has been a rough month for me.  Work has been atrocious; I'm not sleeping well, I'm not blogging well and I haven't visited other blogs in ages.  Also, I've started dressing like this:

I know, I know, it's boring.  There is no raucous color, no vintage pieces and I practically match.  But, it's also easy and I really need easy right now.  Easy like jeans (Wit and Wisdom via Nordstrom) and a tee (Gap) with flats (Nine West via Piperlime) and a cardigan (Ann Taylor, thrifted).  Besides, this outfit isn't just easy, it makes me feel physically capable.  And I realized that when I feel more physically capable, I feel more mentally capable.

In this outfit I felt like I could not only run from zombies (although not the World War Z zombies; apparently their zombies are fast as hell.  Which, boo.) but I that could deliver a roundhouse kick straight to a spreadsheet's dome. 

I may not be battling zombies (yet; we all know it's coming) but I am battling some serious spreadsheets and dressing like this makes me feel like I have a better chance at winning.

Don't worry, I haven't completely given up.  I did add a lovely Megan Mae button flower because it looks great with leopard and doesn't detract from zombie/spreadsheet fighting:

And, in my mind, that's the mark of a truly great accessory; if you can still fight the undead while wearing it, it's a keeper.

Happy Monday, All!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Double Denim Redux

So, I'm trying double denim again.  The first time I tried double denim I looked like a postal service worker.  No, I'm not linking to it; just imagine my smiling face on your local postal carrier and you've got the gist.  The last time I looked like a cowgirl.  Well, technically a rancher's widow who was trying to get her cattle to market so the ranch didn't go under.  You can see that one here, or just imagine Barbara Stanwyck's character in Big Valley.  (Also, just as an aside, Barbara Stanwyck as Stella Dallas is one of my favorite performances ever; I love that movie).

I think today's attempt at double denim was at least marginally better:

Jeans and Top: Old Navy, Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom

Short necklace: BaubleBar, Long Necklace: Jessica Simpson via Macy's

But, mostly I think double denim is one of those trends I just don't have it in me to do.  I mean, this looks fine and all but I'm probably not going to commit a felony so I can wear double denim all my live long days.

What about you, Reader Friends?  Are there any trends you've tried and decided they weren't for you?

Happy Thursday, All!


Shop the Look:
Old Navy Rockstar jeans (tall available)
Similar chambray tunic
Similar sandals
BaubleBar Cobra Triad necklace (if you're not a member, you can use this invitation code: 20210652)
Similar fringe necklace

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I am wearing a striped top once again today but, more importantly, it's also peplumesque:

Well, it's not really.  But I belted it into a peplumesque shape and I think it kind of works:

I haven't been too keen on the peplum trend because I haven't been able to find one I like.  I realized the other day (while watching Pretty in Pink, no less) that many of today's peplums are just too limp for my tastes.  I prefer a stiffer fabric.  And belting this vintage silk jacket was pert near perfect.  It could stand to be a little longer and even a little more stiff, but it'll do in a pinch.

Because I was adding volume at the waist, I tried to keep the bottom of my outfit sleek with a cinnamon-colored knit skirt (Jones New York via Goodwill).  I finished the look with my neon necklace (Target) and abstract print sandals:
 Seychelles Women's Mum T-Strap Sandal

Image via

What about you, Reader Friends?  Are you fans of the peplum trend?

Happy Wednesday, All!


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Monday, June 17, 2013


As you know, I love me a striped shirt; I even recommended them in my wardrobe workhorses post.  And this vertically striped shirt is definitely one of my favorites.  So, I was pretty excited to find another way to wear it; knotted at the bottom:

It's pretty over-sized so I usually wear it tucked, but today I undid the last button and tied it up.  I like that it alters the shape of the shirt into something more interesting than a straight-across hem.  

In addition to the striped shirt (vintage, thrifted), I am also wearing another of my recommended wardrobe workhorses; dark pants.  In this case, a pair of black twill skinnies (Simply Vera Vera Wang via Kohl's (similar here)).  I added a neutral statement necklace (c/o Maurice's) but colorful shoes (Nine West via TJ Maxx).

And I don't mean to be smug, but I'm pretty sure this outfit totally justifies the inclusion of these items on my list. 

Happy Monday, All!



Croatia has always been on my bucket list and for one reason or another I'd never made it. This time round, I knew I had to make time for this Adriatic jewel, and am I thankful I did! 

Flying from Australia, then on to France and then ferrying across from Italy, Croatia did take a bit of effort to reach, but It is such an amazing place, I'm afraid my words and pictures hardly do this incredible place justice. 

I write you from Hvar Island - an absolutely breath-taking slice of paradise, about 2 hours via Ferry from mainland Split. The original plan was to say five nights on Hvar, but I've absolutely fallen in love with this place, so I've decided to extend my stay. 

Hvar is such a dynamic place, it has arguably some of the most pristine, crystal clear waters, I've ever had the privilege of seeing, and caters to all all that you would want in an island holiday. 

When I travel, I tend to steer clear of major hotel chains, invariably all hotels end up looking the same throughout the world, so I tend to opt for accommodation which allows me to absorb more of a sense of place. 

Hvar has many great options - my choice - a family run apartment right on the top of a beautiful hillside overlooking and only a short stroll from Old Town. 

As always, the other half has picked himself up a scoter to get us around the island, and in my opinion is a fantastic way of uncovering some incredible hidden and secluded swimming spots - just like this one.  

Here are few of my own Hvar recommendations:

There are so many dining options to cater to all tastes and budgets - an absolute stand out meal of mine has to be at a tiny sea-side restaurant called Gego, about a 15 minute scooter ride from Old Town. Hands down the most amazing seafood - I ordered the Lobster spaghetti - best I've had anywhere in the world!

If you're after a few drinks, good music and a great sea-side experience, Hula Hula bar - is a must. 

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to amazing swimming spots - there are plenty of beaches along the coast-line. If you have the chance though, I'd recommend hiring a scooter and heading away from the main swimming areas to uncover amazing and mainly secluded swimming spots. Zarace is my favourite! 

I'm here in Hvar for a short while longer, before exploring another Croatian Island, Krocula. 

You can follow my summer adventure around the world on instagram @friendinfashiontwitter and facebook.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When Squirrels Attack: Part Deux

For some reason, squirrels hate me.  I don't know if they think I'm a tree and are trying to nest in my admittedly nest-able hair, or what.  But, today, this happened:

What caused such look of terror on my normally smiling face?

Well, I'll tell you.  What happened was I got attacked by this little, blood-thirsty killer:

Notice the straightened tail for maximum aerodynamic attack speed.

First he rushed me from the right, then tried to sneak back up on me from the left.  You can see in this next picture he tries to pretend he's minding his own business, but he is totally eye-ballin' me:

Sneaky little bastard.

But, enough about the killer squirrel.  Let's talk about the clothes.  This is what I wore:

Isn't that blouse fun?!!  I love it.  It's bright and colorful and I think the large-scale print is pretty cool.  To balance the delightful brightness of the blouse (thrifted) I decided to wear dark bottoms.  And to balance the wide-leg of the pants (Banana Republic) I decided to wear platform sandals (Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack).  I finished the look with black accessories.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!  Watch out for killer squirrels!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It's rare that I wear an outfit completely devoid of color, but today's is.  And it's actually one of my favorites:

Vintage, thrifted dress, thrifted Old Navy shoes & Target cuff

I love the cut of the dress and the clever little triangle print.  And I like that I can wear houndstooth with it because houndstooth makes everything better.

Also making the world a better place?  Pockets:

Man, I love me some pockets.

Happy Wednesday, All!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Blue Print

This dress is blue.  And printed.  It's also the blueprint for my go-to summer look:

Thrifted dress, belt & huaraches. Local craftsman bracelet & carnelian bracelet c/o RedEnvelope.

Dress.  Check.

Belt.  Check.

Huaraches.  Check.

What can I say?  It's just so darned easy!  It's also, with the exception of the jewelry, 100% thrifted.  All together the belt, dress and shoes cost me about $15.  Cheap and easy; what can be better?

Happy Monday, All!


Shop the Look:
Similar dress
Similar rope belt
Huarache sandals (open- or closed-toe)

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Sunday, June 9, 2013


When travelling, especially through the summer months, I'm definitely very particular when it comes to packing. I always find myself drawn to great basics, matching coordinates and beautiful fabrics.

This outfit, photographed on the streets of France is the work of Melbourne designer, Life With Bird.

This gorgeous digital print tank and matching pants work as perfectly worn together aka jumpsuit style as they do separately, worked back with the rest of my travel wardrobe.

When it comes to my travel wardrobe - its all about versatility.

You can follow my summer adventure around the world on instagram @friendinfashiontwitter and facebook.