Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cobalt Midi

I know for some, the inclination in summer is to wear as little clothing as possible.  And, as the temperatures climb into the 90s here in Oregon, I definitely understand.  And others swear that maxis are good, especially for air conditioning and I understand that too.

But, personally, I’ve found myself drawn to full, swooshy midi-skirts, like this cobalt one:

Skirt: Thrifted vintage   Tee: Gap   Sandals: White Mountain via Macys
I think it’s the swooshy-ness (shut up, Microsoft, it is too a word) of the skirt that makes it so lovely for summer:


Or, it could be the pockets:

Because pockets are a gosh darned delight all year long. 

Whether it’s the swooshy-ness or the pockets or something else, I don’t know.  What I do know is that I love a good midi-skirt for the summer months.

What about you, Reader Friends?  What length are your summer hemlines?

Happy Thursday, All!