Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Literary Stylings Link Party Reminder

Hello Dearest Reader Friends!

Well, it's getting to be that time again; time to send the kiddos (or your goldfish, whatever, no judgement here) back to school and link up to the Fashion for Giants Literary Stylings Link Party.  Per usual, the party will be held the first Tuesday of the month, which is next Tuesday, and will be open for linking all week long.  You can find more deets here.

This month was a pretty slow reading month for me.  I moved and read a fairly long book this month so I only have three to choose from.

This month, I read The Godmother, by Carrie Adams:

image via www.goodreads.com

I read Valeria's Last Stand, by Marc Fitten:

image via www.indiebound.org

And I'm finishing up Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood:

image via www.goodreads.com

Out of the three of these, Alias Grace is my favorite and therefore the one I thought I'd be inspired by outfit-wise.  There are actually quite a few references to clothes in the book that I could have used but, as much as I love this book (it's one of my favorite Atwood books, I think) I just wasn't inspired by it for this challenge.

Of the other two books, The Godmother was the better of the two but that's not saying much.  I selected it to act as a sort of literary sorbet; I needed something light and refreshing before tackling Atwood, Schindler's Ark, Irene Nemirovsky and Caroline Moorehead.  And it definitely worked in that capacity.  But, I wouldn't recommend it and it didn't inspire me for this challenge either.

Valeria's Last Stand was my least favorite read of the month.  It was muddy, poorly written and all of the characters were assholes.  And, it just happens to be the book that inspired my look for next Tuesday.  So, yeah, once again, that has happened.

But, enough about me.  This is about reminding you that we're linking up next Tuesday and I do hope you all can come!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!