Thursday, October 17, 2013

Brights for Fall

For some reason super-saturated bright colors feel like fall to me.  Most people tend to start pulling out their browns, tans and rusts but I start pulling out brightly colored pieces like this dress:

 Hmm.  It looks a bit muted in those pictures, but it really is quite bright:

See?  Lovely and bright.

I found it last weekend on a quick jaunt through Goodwill and couldn't wait to wear it.  Happily it's warm enough to do so without having to layer so I paired it with my Born riding boots and added a belt (thrifted) and hot pink studs (Kate Spade New York).

Also, for those of you who felt like you were being watched as you read this, I think it might be my boobs:

I didn't realize it until we took the photos, but that particular design element makes it appear as though my boobs have eyes.  And that they are watching you.

You're welcome?

Happy Thursday, All!